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Lycoming Engine Overhaul Prices

Engine Overhaul Prices, as of  December 1, 2017 Engine Overhaul bids.

These prices are the normal cost to overhaul your engine model and are Estimates Only. Email  us your Engine model and Serial  number and we will give you a written quote after we research current parts prices we will give you a breakdown of parts prices and Labor. All parts must be paid for in Advance.


Overhauled Price for all includes**
O-235 series O-235 series All Lycoming manditory replacement parts
overhauled $14,500.00 New or overhauled magnetos
w/new cylinder $18,000.00 Overhauled fuel system
O-320 series O-320 series New ingnition harness
overhauled $16,000.00 New diaphram fuel pump
w/new cylinder $20,000.00 New sky-tec starter
New spark plugs
O-320-H series O-320-H series
overhauled $17,000.00 Oil Cooler cleaning
w/new cylinder $19,500.00 Removal and installation
IO-320 series IO-320 series New hoses
overhauled $17,000.00 Dynamic prop balancing
w/new cylinder $20,000.00 2 year warranty with new cylinders, purchaced by you.
New Baffle seals
O-360 series / fixed pitch propeller 180HP O-360 series
overhauled $16,500.00

             ** One Year Warranty **

             ** Six Weeks to complete **

w/new cylinder $19,500.00                      ** 25% Deposit**
exchange $24800.00
O-360 series / constant speed propeller 200  HP O-360 series  ** Price contingent upon receiving a good core**
overhauled $18,000.00 ** does not include costs for replacing
w/new cylinder $28,000.00 un serviceable core parts**
IO-360 / fixed pitch propeller 200HP IO-360 

also includes Ceracoat Black Exhaust coating &

overhauled $19,500.00 Ceracoat Heat transfer grey on cylinders, Oil pan and intake tubes.
w/new cylinder $28,000.00
IO-360 / constant speed propeller 180 HP IO-360 
overhauled $19,500.00
w/new cylinder $24,000.00
HIO-360 HIO-360
overhauled new cyl only
w/new cylinder $28,500.00
O-540 series O-540 series
overhauled $24,500.00
w/new cylinder $28,500.00
IO -540 C,D,N,R,T IO -540 series
overhauled $22,500.00
w/new cylinder $25,500.00
overhauled cylinders $23,500.00
new cylinders $28,000.00
IO540- A,K,L,M,P,S,W
overhauled cylinders $24,500.00
IO-540 300 hp J4A5 IO-540 300 hp s
overhauled $25,500.00
w/new cylinder $33,500.00
TIO-540 series TIO-540 series
overhauled $28,000.00
w/new cylinder $35,000.00
TIO-541 TIO-541
overhauled $32,500.00
w/new cylinder $40,000.00


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