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Aircraft engine overhaul and maintenance service, the main goal of our activity is to provide you with a safe aircraft to fly. We are located in Dallas, Texas. Aircraft engines are shipped to us for overhaul from all over the world.

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Our aircraft engine overhauls run cleaner (leak free) run smoother with a balanced prop, run cooler with good baffle seals and last longer with less heat. Services include: custom aircraft engine overhauls, annual Inspections, engine monitor /analyzer installation, and dynamic propeller balancing. Aircraft maintenance work can be completed in your hangar or mine located in Plano Texas (KF69). 

I understand how much your aircraft means to you, with my 36 years accident free experience, your plane will be in good hands. If we provide your aircraft maintenance service, I will work with you to keep costs low and your aircraft running efficiently. In Aviation, quality is not an option it is a requirement, your options are cost and time. We service your aircraft to meet your needs, we only answer to you the customer. No corporate investors or greedy owners: It has been said that "you get what you pay for" but in Aviation, you have to pay for what you get!  And sometimes that cost a lot more than it should have.

WE have 3 levels of engine overhaul for your consideration.

First is a Deluxe overhaul, Everything including the firewall forward is reconditioned like new or replaced. Cost is about the same as a new engine alone, you get a lot with this overhaul & includes new cylinders. It is billed by time and materials only, and includes a 3 year warranty.

Second is a Standard overhaul includes mags, fuel system,starter, alternator and normal wear items, plus more upon request. It cost less than half the price of a factory rebuilt engine. Standard overhaul prices are listed on the next page, or I can Quote you a price on this overhaul, it carries a 1 year warranty, 2 years with factory new cylinders.

Third is an Economy overhaul this is a bare bones overhaul, Includes new bearings, rings and gaskets, NDT and paint. Measuring all components, inspecting for cracks and corrosion, resurfacing components as required for reuse and reassembly, any additional parts required or requested are billed on top of the flat rated price. This meets the minimum standards for the FAA description of an overhauled engine. It has a 30 day warranty.  Depending on workload this overhaul can take from 6 weeks to six months to complete.

Additionally we can provide you a factory new or rebuilt Zero time engine. With a price lower than anyone else.

If it is an Annual inspection, Engine monitor, or Major overhaul, we want You to leave in confidence that your aircraft will perform continuously without fault, so we can be your choice as an engine shop.

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