Aircraft Engine Overhaul and Aircraft maintenance 

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Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice Program

Not very often are you able to find an opportunity to work for a company and get paid to learn a skill. Especially one as  complex as aircraft maintenance.  Here we offer to pay Interns while working and train  to take the FAA  A&P Exam.


Aircraft Mechanic Training Job Availiable

WE are Looking for students from Plano High school or Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent school district ,Graduated students who may be interested in aircraft maintenance as a career. This program requires working 30 months supervised in our shop on live aircraft. It requires you to study at home to review the training materials and learn the nessary acedemics to pass the Test. This is difficult work, it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter and is always challenging, I have been doing this over 40 years and i am never Bored but if you are not willing to work hard this is not for you.

I prefer Plano High School Graduates who have done well in school, have some mechanical aptitude and are still living at home so they can make a living on minimum  wage, There are also Scholarships availiable for students who also may be interested in getting a pilots licence to go with an A&P Licence.

If you are interested in the rewarding field of  aircraft maintenance this may be an opportunity you may qualify for, and is better than a scholarsip for the right person, Many people go to the  local colleges to get their A&P Licence and spend $40,000. to finish the 2 year program. They then come to me for work because they have no experience, when you leave here you will have a licence to work on any USA certified Aircraft.  Also you will have 3 years experience, and solid knowledge about the work you are going into.

Good luck in Your Career What ever you choose. If you do not choose this one find one you like and follow it, stay Focused!

Bob Vondersaar owner A&E Aircraft Engines