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Continental Overhaul Engine Prices

Engine Overhaul Prices, as  July16, 2019

These prices are the normal cost to overhaul your engine model and are Estimates Only. Email  us your Engine model and Serial  number and we will give you a written quote after we research current parts prices.

Labor only prices are $8000.00 for 6 cylinder and $6000.00 for 4 cylinder. We will locate  parts for you so you can pay for them. Labor fee is paid upon delivery.

O-200 series O-200 series Price for all includes**
overhauled $12,500.00 OVERHAULED:
w/new cylyinder $15,400.00 New or overhauled magnetos
Overhauled fuel system
O-300 series O-300 series
overhauled $16,500.00 new ingnition harness
w/new cylyinder $20,000.00 New diaphram fuel pump
New sky-tec starter
IO-360 series IO-360 series New spark plugs
overhauled $22,000.
w/new cylyinder $29500. Oil Cooler cleaning
TSIO & L 360 series L/TSIO 360 series ** Price contingent upon receiving a good core**
overhauled $28,500.00 ** does not include costs for replacing
w/new cylyinder $31,500.00 un serviceable core parts**
O-470 series O-470 series includes all Continental manditory replacement parts
overhauled $21,500.00 Removal and installation
w/new cylyinder $26,000.00 new hoses
Dynamic propeller balancing
overhauled $23,500.00

Ceracoat heat transfer gray coating on all cylinders

w/new cylyinder $27,500.00 intake tubes and oil Pan
IO-520 front alternator IO-520
overhauled $23,500.00
w/new cylyinder $27,500.00
Cirrus and Bonanza
IO-550 series IO-550 series
overhauled $25,000.00
w/new cylyinder $29,500.00
TSIO-520 series TSIO-520 series
overhauled $33,000.00
w/new cylyinder $39,500.00
GTSIO-520 series GTSIO-520 series
overhauled $35,500.00
w/new cylyinder $44,500.00
TSIO-550 series TSIO-550 series
overhauled $34,500.00
w/new cylyinder $39,000.00
E-185 and E-225 E-185 and E-225
overhauled $24,000.00
w/new cylyinder $28,900.00